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WSP Italy

The alloy wheels “WSP Italy” are compatible spare parts type-approved according to UNECE Reg.124/07, manufactured in full compliance with the national, community and supranational regulations (Reg. 6/2002, Reg. 461/2010 , Dir. UE 46/2007 and D.M. 28 April 2008 issued by Italian Ministry of Transports in reception of the Dir. 2007/46/CE).
They are “replica replacement wheels” or “pattern part replacement wheels” perfectly compatible with a specific vehicle for which they are intended exclusively in order to repair it and to restore its original appearance and they indicate specifically the car manufacturer just in order to describe the destination.

The WSP Italy wheels are all tested in accordance with the JWL/VIA rules and Gost-R and to date are the only compatible replacement wheels approved pursuant to UN/ECE Reg. R124. Due to this skill they satisfy the requirements of the International (UN/ECE), European and German (StVZO) road traffic legislation. WSP Italy is also officially accredited by the Italian Ministry of Transport and the VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) of the UK Ministry of Transport.

Product quality begins with the technological process. The main technology used in the production of alloy wheels is the low pressure casting. More and more models are produced with the use of Undercut technology and Flow Forming technology.
In compliance with European regulations UN ECE 124, all WSP Italy wheels are tested in company's own laboratory fitted with Tuv Rheinland certified equipment. The wheels undergo the following tests: material testing, corrosion resistance test, test for bending during rotation, torsion test, crash test.

These tests, realized in cooperation with the technicians of the Italian Civil Motorization, confirm the qualification and the resistance of WSP Italy wheels to the different stress, permitting to supply clients with the best product in terms of technology, reliability and operational safety.

To identify and trace the products in WSP Italy brand on the box packaging (and soon on the product) is applied a serial number and an activation key that serves the dual purpose of key anti-counterfeiting (at http://www.wspitaly.com/test you can also check the authenticity of the product, entering serial key and activation) and activation of warranty.