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Prices shown do not include the Installation Fee (€ 7.50 per tyre)

Linglong Latest Technology

2 Major Research and Development Platforms:

Linglong Tyre Beijing R&D Office
Linglong Tyre Shandong Headquarter R&D Center
A R&D team staffed with more than 300 professionals takes the lead in the industry at the speed of lauching one new product daily.
Various R&D test equipment valued more than RMB 400 million provides a strong guarantee for the development of tyre technology.

Safety, energy conservation and environmental protection are the directions pursued by the company.
Green, eco-friendly, low-carbon production brings the company new energy.
To create “Green and Low Carbon” manufacturing model is the important strategy of Linglong Tyre during “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period. The company is increasingly investing in R&D year by year to produce high-quality, low energy-consumption, high value-added Linglong tyres , making its own contribution to protecting the global environment.
The company's over 300 domestic and abroad patents and more than 20 new products have filled the gaps at home, creating 7 first at home and 6 new records among enterprises. Its low rolling resistance tyres, eco-friendly tyres, snow tyres and run-flat assured tyres have reached world leading level. In 2010, Linglong tyre won the second prize for the national progress in science and technology awarded by the state council. In summer tyre test 2011 carried out by Test World Oy, Finland, Linglong tyre got 7.6 total score, ranking number 4 of all tested brands.What's more, Linglong is a chief drafter setting many industrial and national standards.

6 New Records of Chinese Enterprises of Linglong Tyres

1. In June 2007, its V-class passenger car radial snow tyres 225 / 45R17 could reduce braking distance on snow and ice roads and improve cornering grip,which wasdomestic initiative products.
2. In 2008, its engineering dump truck tyres adopted multiple corner pattern design, bigger pattern near the shoulder and axial angle and smaller pattern in the middle and axial angle,which was domestic initiative products.
3. In 2008, the indoor noise lab was put into use; it overcame the limitation of outdoor noise test ,which was initiative at home;
4. In July 2007, its 445/4 SR 19.5 full-steel radial truck tyre reached J class in high-speed performance ,which was initiative at home.
5. In March 2008, its 6. 50RI 6LT full-steel radial light truck tyres passed M class, which was initiative at home.
6. In January 2007, its 1,425*450-34 low profile tubeless tyres for mine provided superior resistance to cutting, puncture and wear, which was initiative at home.