EU Tyre Label Knowledge

1.General introduction of EU tyre label

From November 1, 2012(at the latest), end-users of vehicles in European Member States, will get performance information in three aspects of tyres that are on display at a tyre dealer, storage, etc. ,in the form of sticker on tyre tread , regulation label displayed close to the tyre at the point of sale, suppliers' websites, sales invoices and so on.

This is tyre labeling introduced by European Union,which aims at providing consumers with clear and relevant information about the tyre, and guiding them to make a balanced decision that which product is more fuel efficient, has shorter wet braking distance and is less noisy.You will find three indicators on the label: fuel efficiency, wet grip and exterior noise. The grades of these three aspects will tell you how fuel-efficient the tyre is, what about the wet grip performance of it and how much exterior noise it produces.

2.How to read the indicators?

(1)Fuel efficiency
On average,20%-30% of a car's fuel consumption is used to overcome rolling resistance. In the EU tyre label, fuel efficiency is expressed in grades ranging from A to G. A signifies the highest performance that reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission while G is the lowest but still acceptable legally.

(2)Wet grip Tyres with outstanding wet grip means they offer shorter braking distance on wet surface and this has much to do with safety. In the EU tyre label, wet grip capacity is also expressed in grades from letter A to G. Letter A signifies the best wet grip performance while G is the lowest performance.

(3)Exterior noise

Less traffic noise is beneficial to human health as well as environment. In EU tyre label, exterior noise is expressed in decibels accompanied with one, two or three sound waves. One black wave represents the best performance in which the noise of the tyre is at least 3 dB below the future legal limit. In opposite, three black waves is the weakest performance.

3.How dose Linglong Tyre like EU tyre label?

As a professional tyre manufacturer who is devoting itself to providing products which are safe,fuel-efficient and eco-friendly,Linglong upholds this regulation for we know this will have positive impact both on consumers and our earth.

In addition,we remind consumers that actual fuel savings and road safety depend heavily on the behavior of drivers, in particularly we should respect eco-driving, tyre pressure checking and stopping distance.


Attention: The sample of the EU tyre label ( according to EU publication NO1222-2009) in our website is given for educational purposes only. Actual grade will depend on official test results.